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The Coastal Museum has several permanent exhibitions:

The Boat Hall
In the Boat Hall you can see different types of Sunnfjord and Nordfjord boats from a Holmedalsjekta from 1750, to a motorboat from 1930. There are also exhibits about sea charts,  fisheries and passenger and merchant boats.

The town of Florø and interior furnishings
The museum has a special exhibition of images of Florø’s development from 1860 and an exhibition of interior furnishings from the coast at the turn of the 20th century. The museum is developing a permanent exhibition on the growth of the town of Florø. The exhibition will be ready for the 150th anniversary of Florø in 2010.

You can see an exhibition on the Snorre oil platform that is part of the Tampen field 167 km west of Florø. The exhibition was first set up at an oil conference inStavanger in 1992 and later in Huston before it came to the Coastal Museum. The building is a mini version of one of the anchors of the Snorre platform. The exhibition provides general information about geology and oil in the North Seaand on the floating oil platform Snorre. Snorre has one of its two main supply bases in Florø.

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