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About the Coastal Museum

The Coastal Museum is part of the foundation "Musea in Sogn og Fjordane". The museum is based in Florø with three modern museum buildings in an 18 acre public area. It lies in a varied landscape of coastal areas connected with paths and bridges. The paths through the area constitute an open-air museum  with buildings - farms, houses and fishing villages – which have been removed from their original locations and rebuilt here, including Bataldebua - a salting house from the 17th century.

The Coastal Museum lies within - and has collected local material from - an ancient cultural landscape: the Atlantic heather moors which stretch from Lofoten in the north of Norway and down on both sides of the North Sea and along the Bay of Biscay to Portugal. In this landscape a way of life developed that many still recognize where the heather moors still blossom. The main building contains the administration, a good academic library, an archive, and not least professionals who are at the public’s service. The exhibitions show, amongst other things, local boats, fisheries, goods transport, the interior of a fisherman’s home in the early 18th century, local fauna and one of the largest permanent exhibitions of the oil industry in the country. The Coastal Museumwishes everyone welcome to visit the collections here at the museum!


In the Museum Plan for Sogn and Fjordane it has been established that the museum is the main museum for the municipalities Gulen, Solund, Hyllestad,  Askvoll and Flora. In the municipalities Bremanger, Vågsøy and Selje, theCoastal Museum is responsible for tasks that are specifically about the sea, while other tasks will be addressed by the Nordfjord Folk Museum. The CoastalMuseum is a regional museum for coastal areas and is therefore a general cultural history museum. We focus on the boat collection, and have the main responsibility for boat preservation in the county. We also focus on coastal ecology when we design the exhibitions. The Coastal Museum advises coastal municipalities when they need professional advice.

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